New Jersey State Tax Problems

Bergen County NJ state tax

State and local tax regulations are constantly changing and evolving in New Jersey which means calculating payroll taxes correctly is becoming more difficult for small business owners. That's where Belbol & Associates comes in. We're local tax accountants in Bergen County, NJ that can help your business resolve state tax problems. We make it a point to stay updated on each change and revision to the tax laws and understand how to apply these updates to all types of small to midsized businesses.

Belbol & Associates will also assist individual taxpayers experiencing state income tax problems. Not all tax accountants in Bergen County understand the intricacies of state and local taxes, but we specialize in this aspect of the tax code. We'll help you collect any missing paperwork and file your NJ back taxes. We can also negotiate a reasonable payment plan to pay off an outstanding tax bill.

Want to learn more about how we can get you up to date on your state taxes? Give us a call at 201-523-9442 to schedule your free initial consultation.

New Jersey Sales and Payroll Taxes

We can assist you with filing outstanding New Jersey sales tax returns. Whether you are a new business that needs to start filing returns, or an existing business that is behind with your filings, we can help you file delinquent taxes and negotiate a favorable way of taking care of your tax liabilities. We can also represent you with a sales tax examination, trust fund penalties, penalty and interest abatement, and deal with the State on your behalf.

State Income Tax Problems

The process of filing your New Jersey income tax returns can be daunting, but we make it as painless as possible to get you back on track. Once your back taxes are filed, we will help you to come up with a payment arrangement that works for you. We can also work with you to abate penalties and interest.

State Collection Agency (PCR)

Have you received a call or notice from PCR, the collection agency for the State of New Jersey? If so, you're probably experiencing the frustration of having your case handed off from one representative to the next. We are experienced with dealing with PCR so that you don't have to.